Syncing Email & Calendar

Syncing Email

From the home screen, select . You may need to select , then .

From there, select the gear icon next to the
From there, simply fill out the information for the desired email and select

Syncing Calendar

From the home screen select . You may have to select , then .

Next, select on the left hand side

From there, you will see two different calendar tabs on the left side. One for Google Calendar, one for Office365 Calendar.

Syncing Google Calendar

If you synced your google email account, all you need to do is select and your calendar will be synced. You can select whether the sync is "", meaning anything added to your Google Calendar will be added to RepBox and vice-a-versa. Or you can select , depending on preference.

Syncing Office365 Calendar

To sync your Office365 Calendar, select the gear icon

This will bring up the following screen
Simply fill out your information. Once again, you can select Calendar Sync Direction based on preference.
The select Synchronize Now and the process is complete.

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