Simple Reports

1) Click on reports in RepBox menu.

2) Click 'Add Report' and then 'Detail Report'.
*Note - you may also add a folder to sort your report into folders. You will see the option to choose a folder in the next step.
3) Select options for report
  • Name your report.
  • Choose which folder to keep this report.
  • Choose the primary module from which you would like to pull data.
  • Choose secondary modules of related information to the primary module.
  • Add a description if you like.
  • Choose to automate and send this report (see related articles for automated report).
  • *Note - There may be cases in which the primary and secondary module must be reversed in order to pull the correct data. If you are running a report with multiple modules and it does not pull the report you are looking for, try switching these two options. If the report still does not pull the correct data - please contact RepBox Support.
    4) Choose how to sort your report.
    • Choose which columns you would like to see displayed
    • Choose the order in which you would like the report sorted.
    • 5) Choose your conditions.
      • For this report we wanted to see opportunities assigned to the user RepBox Support. '(Opportunities) Assigned to' - 'equals' - 'RepBox Support' is the condition.
      • We also only want to see any opportunities for RepBox Support that are still open in any regard. We can simply choose 'Stage' 'is equal to' - and all of the related 'open' stages. Instead we chose to exclude any 'Closed' stages. There are many ways to make similar conditions.
      • 6) Click Generate Report
        • Once you click generate, you should see something similar to the below screenshot depending on your conditions and amount of data.
        • You can save this report, and easily generate it later by returning to it, without having to enter conditions and options.
        • You may also edit the conditions of the current report and simply click 'Generate now' to run it again.
        • I the top right corner, there are options to eport in both .csv and .xls files, or print the PDF version.

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