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In RepBox, you may see views such as 'All Opportunities', 'Open Opportunities', 'Closed Opportunities', or even personal views like 'My Opportunities'. If you are in an open opportunity view and you just closed an opportunity, it will fall off of your list.

Views are set up based on how you want your RepBox to appear. You can have as many views as you want or you can have only one view, it is totally up to you.

  • At the top of your screen within Opportunities, you will see a box similar to the below image.

    Once you click the drop down on the right, from there you can scroll over your opportunity view and click the pencil to edit or click 'Create New Filter'

    The following screen will appear.
    At the top, you can name your view - i.e. Bob's Open Opps, Jim's Closed Opps, Bobortunities, or whatever you would like it to be called.
    The next options are:
    • Set as default - will go to this view automatically when you click that module
    • List in Metrics - puts this view in the front-page widget on your dashboard
    • Set as public - makes the view public to all within the organization

    Next, you will see "Choose Columns and order" - this is where you choose the information that you would like to see in your view. We suggest anywhere from 6-8 columns so that it will fit on your page without scrolling. however, you can add a maximum of 12 columns if you would like. If you select a field that you do not want, you can click the little 'x' to remove it. Also, if you want them in a different order, you can click and drag them to the order that you would like.

    * In this article we have only chosen 6. The next options are your conditions.
    • All conditions - this means everything has to have this information
    • Any conditions - this means it can have option 1, option 2, or option 3.

    The majority of the time you will want to choose "Assigned To" (whichever user you are) and then a status. You can choose that the status 'equals' 'open' or 'not equal to' 'closed'. See below.

      Conditions can be a little tricky at times to get them right. If you think of it in a sense of having no filters added, you will see everything in the system. After that, choose what you want to see - "I want to see ABC Client, All Opps with Status Active", that should help a little bit. You are always welcome to send us an email to and we will be more than happy to help you set up your filters and views.

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