Opportunities: What and How

What is an Opportunity?

A sales opportunity is an immediate opportunity to do business with a potential or existing customer. The sales department usually expects an offer that could be made for this potential customer in the near future. Analogously to leads, you are working with a sales opportunity as you have already done it with leads. With RepBox, enter all of your activities, save possibly contract documents, create quotes, etc in one place. The goal is that your opportunity data contains all the information belonging to a specific business that you can easily look up and grab information about that business.

How do I enter an Opportunity?

  • Click on Opportunities on the top Module Bar
  • Click "Add Opportunity"
  • As you type 3 letters into the “type to search” fields, the system will auto-populate from your existing users/distributors/contacts

** If you do not have an existing user/distributor/contact, you may click the "+" and add that information into your sales platform

  • Click Save
  • Your opportunity view will populate
  • From this view, you can add calendar events, related contacts, documents, and comments.
    • If you add comments with @username, that person will get an email notifying them that you sent them a comment
    • On the left, you will see Drop n Sync
      • If you pull up a folder with multiple files that you would like to add to the opportunity, you can highlight them and drag them into this box.
      • Tag Cloud (optional)
        • Anything that you “tag” will become searchable within your sales platform
        • i.e. if you tag an opportunity with quotes, any time you search for that term, this opportunity will show up.

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