Finding Duplicates

This tutorial is designed to help you find duplicates and manage them according to your requirements.

Hate duplicate records? So do we. Duplicate records can cost you a lot of time, money or even a loss of face. That's the reason why we suggest you to check for duplicates when you import records into RepBox. If you have missed that, you can still find your duplicates with the help of duplicate merge feature. Here's how to find duplicates:

  1. Click desired module to find duplicates in it. Say,
  2. In the list view of contacts, click
  3. 3. In the popup, select from existing fields and click Find Duplicates. The selected fields, put-together, are on a mission to trace out records in current module with identical set of fields.
    * Lookup is done across all records in selected module to select records that have same set of fields.
    4. The list of records that have same set of fields are traced out and displayed. You can either delete duplicate records or merge them together. Merging is process of selecting only important information from duplicates and ignoring insignificant information.
    5. To delete duplicates right away, select desired records and click . To delete, you'll have to click on checkboxes in the left.
    6. To merge important information from a set of duplicate records, you'll need to select duplicate records under column and click button next to it. To merge, you'll need to click on checkboxes in the right.
    7. The intention is to pick-out important fields from duplicate records; As a result, after merge, you only have one record with only important information.
    8. Once you're finished, click

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