Creating Custom Filters

Filters, or views, are used to separate desired records from the stack of other records, and capture them in a different bucket. For instance, you can quickly filter all the records in some particular territory and assign those records to your Sales Agent in that territory. You can also perform operations on the filtered records like mass edit, delete, sending emails etc.

This tutorial is designed to explain how filters are created in RepBox. We'll explain you how filters can be created in Opportunities module. You can follow the same steps to create filters on other modules.

  1. Click tab. The process is same for other modules: Leads, Contacts, Organizations, etc.
  2. Click drop-down
  3. Click
  4. 4. You'll be navigated to create views of a filter's page. Provide a label to your filter in View Name field
    5. Select desired columns you would like to see in a custom view. You can only select up to 15 columns.
    6. You'll need to specify conditions to filter only specific entities that you would like to have in your custom view. The process of applying conditions to filter desired records has been made simple.
    * Date fields such as Today, Current Month, Current Quarter are dynamic meaning they will update automatically

    Providing Permissions

    Now that you've successfully completed creating a filter, it's time to fit it to your business requirements. You have a wide variety of options to get the most out of the filter you've created.

      You might have thousands of records in your RepBox. You don't deal with all of them. You can create filters and set the filter default so that you can view only most important records. By clicking on the check-box, the filter will be made default for you and NOT other users in your RepBox account.

    List in Metrics

        You can have details of your filter right on your home page, too. Enable the check-box to view details of your filter in widget on the home page.

      Set as Public

          Enable the check-box to make the filter visible for all users across your RepBox account. If a non-admin user enables this option, the filter will be in a pending state until admin approves it. Admin users can approve the filter by clicking on icon next to the filter.
          7. Once you're done, click on button. I hope that your filter has delivered results for you.

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