Step 2: Add Manufacturers

There are two ways to add manufacturer's to your RepBox:

Option 1:

  • Click Manufacturers on your top bar - You may need to select "All" to find Manufacturers
  • Click
    • Fill in the appropriate fields.
    • Option 2:
    • The other option is to fill out our Manufacturer Template (link) and import the file.
    • To import manufacturers, you must first select the manufacturers module.
    • Next, click Actions > Import
    • Step 1: Choose File
      Step 2: Specify format - the biggest focus here is to select whether or not your spreadsheet has headers or not (if you used our template, it does).
      Step 3: If you have existing Manufacturers in the system you can opt to manage duplicates.
      Click Next
      Step 4: Map the columns to Module Fields. Here, you can choose which fields will populate when you import the file.
      Click Import. The next screen will show the results of your import, then click Finish.

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